From February 2004 through January 2023!

A Planetary Shift occurred in 2004, and a REMARKABLE Phenomenon has taken place.

This 20-year cycle in Feng Shui has POWERFUL ramifications ranging from the over throw of governments, wars, “new” health problems, chaos in relationships, financial turmoil, MASSIVE unemployment and foreclosures, to GLOBAL earth and economic disasters

You are ALREADY immersed in this energy.

The only "unknown" is...

What are YOU going to "choose" to do about it?

In this groundbreaking educational program, I will share with you "the changes" that are and will be affecting every one of us on the planet, and how YOU can "adapt and thrive" in this "8" ENERGY period of Change, Challenge, Upheaval and


“Your Feng Shui Predictions seminar is PROFOUND! I was moved to tears. A couple of years ago, my husband and I felt our lives were tossed upside down. That was a painful time, and I thought we were the only people on earth experiencing such traumatic, internal chaos. Listening to your seminar made me feel that I am not crazy or that something is wrong with me. It really explained for me what is happening.

I feel much more positive and confident that Feng Shui really works. I want to learn and do more. Suzee, thank you for being here and sharing all your great Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom.”

Pamela Seley

Start Living an


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