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Prolific author, real estate broker and international Feng Shui Consultant, Suzee Miller, is a nationally recognized expert on Feng Shui principles and their applications in business, property, real estate and life. She is the creator of the Five Element Business Systems® that has helped thousands of real estate and business professionals launch their careers and achieve WEALTH in record time. Suzee has also authored more than 3 dozen Feng Shui audio books and programs for HOME BUYERS, SELLERS, REALTORS, RENTERS and HOMEOWNERS and speaks at architectural, building and real estate conventions worldwide. She is a popular guest on radio and TV and offers the only “self-study” Feng Shui Certification for Real Estate Professionals of its kind in the world.

Suzee Miller’s unique approach to Feng Shui defies reality and even Feng Shui, itself..!

She integrates the environment, land, mind, science, spirit, art, solar cycles and metaphysics in a REVOLUTIONARY, yet "simple and easy" to understand format that
TRANSFORMS Lives and Careers in PROFOUND and PROVEN ways.

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Her educational products are DIGITAL.
They can be downloaded onto your computer, iPod, MP3 player, tablet or onto a smart device.

They are AUDIO so that "busy" people and professionals, like yourself, can learn
On your own time - in your own space 24/7 while you work, exercise, travel and play.

There are no seminars to attend, costly air flights and hotel rooms to pay for, weekends away nor are there any hidden costs.

Suzee Miller HELPS

HOMEBUYERS and RENTERS select “good” Feng Shui properties that are compatible with their Feng Shui Element by honoring their “BEST” house, health and sleep directions, to insure the prospects of Peace, BALANCE, Harmonious Relations, WEALTH and Good Fortune in the home and workplace.


REALTORS®, Sellers, stagers and Feng Shui consultants how to market and sell property faster.

Builders, Developers and Designers how to create Feng Shui buildings and floor plans.
Architecture and environments that support and enrich peoples' lives.

HOMEOWNERS, decorators, space planners, stagers, consultants, students and individuals
How to BALANCE and HARMONIZE the ENERGY inside their homes, offices and personal lives for

Suzee offers the only “self-help, do it at your own pace”
International Feng Shui Certification
of its kind in the world, with hundreds of SUCCESS testimonials.

This unique Feng Shui CERTIFICATION is “experiential” and can be done for educational purposes only, or for a Professional Designation in Feng Shui that ..

BRANDS YOU A PRO in .. Your Field of Expertise.

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Ms. Miller’s INTEGRATIVE Feng Shui platforms RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS, so that people can live their HIGHEST POTENTIAL in the environments they live and work in.

Feng Shui is not about philosophy, astrology, superstition, religion nor is it an occult practice. Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY, and how energy impacts our homes, offices and listings in either life empowering or life depleting ways.

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