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Suzee Miller - Feng Shui Master

A few client and customer testimonials by category:


“Dear Suzee, thank you for your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' emails! They have been so useful. I even forward them to my friends, who I am now introducing to Feng Shui. I find this practice very motivating. Please keep me posted with all of these wonderful Feng Shui tips.”

Shauna Fung-Yee

"I've been receiving your newsletter for years and have bought everything from you double times over. I'm a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and recently I've acquired many Realtors as clients! Great!!! One of your biggest fans and customer."

Carol Werth, Littleton, CO

“I have been on your Feng Shui newsletter list for some time now and just wanted to say thank you. I teach real estate and try hard to get my students to understand that our industry is more than ‘stix and brix’... Your site is food for my soul.”

Kathy Howe, Sedona, AZ

“Thanks for 'The Science of Getting Rich' ebook you included in your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' email last week. You are so generous to us – what a difference you and Feng Shui have made in my life!”

Karen Moore, Cimarron Escrow, Inc.

“Thank you so much for the Feng Shui tips you send me through the email. I thoroughly enjoy learning about this unseen energy and the power of each and everyone of us to harness it for our and other’s benefit. Cheers!”

George H., Ontario, Canada

“Your Feng Shui tips emails make a lot of sense, along with all that you mention in them. You really open our eyes with all your insights. Thank you for the wonderful information. God bless!”

Jeani Di Carlo

“Namaste, Suzee... yesterday I put two apples in the Fame and Fortune gua of my desk, and a shiny black and red box, dreamed a dream of negotiation with the bank – and this morning I had notification of an assigned property! I moved the phone to the Friendly Relations gua of my desk a few days ago and received a call generated from my 3rd quarter letter from my friend who wants to sell his property!!! WOW! Thank you for all you do for mankind and the planet... balancing energy one house at a time!!! Your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' newsletters are invaluable!”

Theresa Tatch, Coldwell Banker Previews International, CA

“Thank you so much. I did get the 'The Science of Getting Rich' book and I’m half way through it, and you’re right – it’s VERY POWERFUL. I can’t wait to finish.”

Denise and Herb Forgie

“I really appreciate your Feng Shui 'Truth and Tips' and look forward to the emails to educate and inspire me. Thank you so much.”

Christine Lee, CA

“Suzee, your Feng Shui tips and all your other Feng Shui educational products are highly appreciated. Thank you!”

Ines N. Rivas, Prudential Classic Realty, TX

“As a recipient of your Feng Shui tips newsletter, I am impressed by the quality and professionalism of your business.”

Ann Anderson, CT

“Just this week I received your Feng Shui tips and there was Dr. Wallace D. Wattle’s book, 'The Science of Getting Rich.' I printed a copy and read it front to back. I can’t get enough! Changes are occurring more within me than outside of me. This is the most exciting time of my life and every morning when I wake up I can’t wait to start the day and see how it unfolds. So, Suzee, I think May will be a wonderful month of business and I will be contacting you to start the Feng Shui Certification Course very soon! Blessings to you!”

Nancy Dunn, TX

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“I love getting my weekly Feng Shui tips from Suzee. I ordered her Feng Shui Empowerment course too! These philosophies make such sense to me and I am studying them to use in my Real Estate practice (so I can implement Feng Shui staging) and I use them in my personal life too!”

Carolyn Clear, RE/MAX Suburban, MO

“Thank you, Suzee, for your Feng Shui ‘Truth & Tips’ emails... they are great and helpful in our everyday living.... God bless you!”

Rowena Nastor, CA

“Thank you, I have finished reading the ebook you sent in your free Feng Shui tips email called 'The Science of Getting Rich' and I'm looking forward to manifesting that full bank account!”

Ginny Amaral

“I just wanted to start by saying that I love your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' emails. The information you provide is invaluable. Please keep it coming!”

Judith Windover, Toronto, Canada

“Dear Suzee, I really LOVED your last email message in your Feng Shui newsletter... I forwarded it to all my friends. Thanks for all your inspiring messages – keep ‘em coming! Have a blessed week.”

Rebecca M. Balfour, Tennessee

“I love receiving your Feng Shui staging tips! I think its wonderful of you to be offering them for free. Thanks!”

Alana Harris Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

“Thank you for the articles packed with Feng Shui tips that are regularly sent to my email. I really enjoy them and have believed in Feng Shui for many years now.”

Tracey Paris, South Africa

“Boy did I find Suzee Miller just in time!!! I used to have positive thoughts and feelings all the time, and I had the good results as a ramification. But the past few years have been a little rough and I haven’t had those positive feelings and thoughts – so consequently, everything around me has been going poorly. This ebook you included in your Feng Shui newsletter – 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D. Wattles – has been downloaded and I'm reading it diligently. Your little reminders of having good thoughts are starting to help! Thank you.”


“I truly enjoy being on your email list and receiving your Feng Shui tips and interesting insights. Thank you!”

Carla Rosenblum, Keller Williams Realty Michigan

“I love being on your 'Truth & Tips' email list and have been to two of your live seminars for Realtors in the Seattle area. Your Feng Shui staging tips for the real estate industry are priceless!”

Kyoko Matsumoto Wright, Coldwell Banker

"I have subscribed to your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' newsletter for more than a year now and am impressed with your knowledge and reputation. I am a home stager in Southwest New Mexico, and your Feng Shui staging tips help me immensely in my business. Thank you for all your Feng Shui expertise!"

Crystal Canyon, NM

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love your weekly Feng Shui newsletter – it keeps me motivated and on track! I’m almost ready to take my Feng Shui Certification test. Listening to the material while driving or working is so convenient. It is a lot of information and it’s great to be able to continually go back, listen again and reinforce all the principles of Feng Shui. You have helped me change my life. I can’t thank you enough!”

Desiree’ McDermott, Licensed Skin Care Specialist and Massage Therapist, Fullerton, CA

“Dear Suzee, thank you for your free Feng Shui tips and for shedding positive light on HOW TO BE A WINNER – not a Whiner!!!”

Dawn Sumerford, CA

“Hello Suzee, I am a Feng Shui Practitioner in Asheville, NC. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article on bedroom Feng Shui. You have a great way of translating Feng Shui advice into a language that anyone can understand! I really appreciate that in practitioners for I think that in order for people to understand Feng Shui, they need to NOT see it as ‘foreign.’ We empower others when they can embrace Feng Shui and make it their own! Bravo, Thanks for sharing your light!”

Janeen Wynn, RN, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Clutter Clearing Coach

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“Suzee, I just wanted to tell you that I watched your OC Lifesytle TV interview and thought you were fabulous! How exciting! Let’s have you back on my show soon! Keep those Feng Shui tips coming. Continued blessings and success to you always.”

Gina McNew, IDS Affiliate, President Atlanta Interior Design Society Chapter, CSP, IRIS, DCSAC, DANA
Diva on the Radio, Atlanta, GA

“I really LOVED your last email message, Suzee. I forwarded it to all my friends. Thanks for all your inspiring Feng Shui tips — keep ‘em coming! Have a blessed week...”

Rebecca M. Balfour, TN

“I bless you everyday in gratitude for enlightening me about Feng Shui... if it wasn’t for that initial 'Truth & Tips' email you sent me way back, I know that I would not be currently over $130,000 in commissions in contract. I owe it all to Feng Shui, your Feng Shui audio programs and YOU... Thanks so very much!”

Debra L. Stagg, REMAX Hills & Valley, New Jersey

“The difference between you and other Feng Shui practitioners is that you make Feng Shui simple. Others have made it so much more complicated than it really is... for example with fu dogs and all the other cultural products. I would love to become a certified myself someday. You are a real find!”

Wendy Jennings, Ontario, Canada

"I plan on reading this incredible ebook 'The Science of Getting Rich' a couple dozen times – it’s fantastic. THANK YOU for including it in your Feng Shui tips email, and thanks for all the free Feng Shui advice too!!!

Douglas Moore, MA

“I’m about half way through the ebook you included in your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' email. It’s mesmerizing. I’ll tell you – if the understanding of this book can turn around years of financial difficulties, I’ll have quite a story to tell! It’s the most in-depth writing on ‘positive thinking’ that I’ve ever come across.”

Matt Chansky

“I really enjoy your free Feng Shui tips – THANK YOU SO MUCH for them! You confirmed an idea I had about de-cluttering my home. You are right, a monthly storage bill IS a small price to pay for peace of mind AND increased WEALTH gained from getting rid of clutter. I’ll put your advice into action and make it happen! Once Again, thank you so much for confirmation.”

Laney Musdo, Mountain Earth, OH

“Suzee... thank you for your talk and your Feng Shui tips today... God Bless You.”


“Suzee, I just received your last Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' email. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the your insights about Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction for free. You are so generous!“

Leah Taormina, RE/MAX Accord, CA

“Wow! What a gift! I can’t wait to read the book you included in your weekly Feng Shui newsletter ('The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace D. Wattles). I love to read. You’d think I was the Water Element!!! Thank you for all the Feng Shui gifts and free Feng Shui tips!”

Jackie Whisnant, Family Law Attorney, CA

“I love your Feng Shui tips. Your advice about removing clutter has TRANSFORMED my life! I am in the process of de-cluttering, and it seems to be never-ending, but the results are PHENOMENAL. Warm regards...”

Tanya Regan, Media and Public Relations Officer, Australia

“Thank you so much for sharing your free Feng Shui tips to all of us. My friends and I have various forms of The Secret’ and have been trying to apply it... however we are not seeing the results fast enough and we are all in need of some financial blessings! I have started to read 'The Science of Getting Rich' and will finish it this weekend. I have passed it to all of my friends... it is an absolutely wonderful thing that you are sharing this free of charge in your Feng Shui 'Truth & Tips' emailing... may blessings be bestowed upon you tenfold!!! You truly are doing a wonderful thing!”

Diane Schroeder

“AMAZING! My husband and I are SO THANKFUL to you for sharing your wisdom and practical Feng Shui tips too.”

Lori Landis

“Thank you for your free Feng Shui tips, and especially the free ebook you sent this week. I am up to chapter 8. It is truly a great read. I have always believed in the Law of Attraction, and your Feng Shui advice coupled with the tips in the book go together nicely.”

Mike Ramalho

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