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Suzee Miller - Feng Shui Master

A few client and customer testimonials by category:


“Suzee Miller SAVED my commission with her Feng Shui knowledge – for less than the price of an ad in ‘Homes and Land’ magazine. My seller was going to take her home off the market in 2 weeks, so I immediately emailed Suzee photos and a virtual tour of my listing and faxed her the floor plan, comps, and MLS printout. She did a Feng Shui consultation by phone with my seller and me on Thursday. Buyers flooded the house on Friday, and we received an offer on Saturday, then opened escrow on Monday... with 3 back-up offers!!!”

Jean Tietgen, Star Real Estate

"I have a success story to share with you! I helped an agent Feng Shui a very unusual house with lots of steps up and down, all over. The house, located in Walnut, sat at the top of a steep driveway. It was a rainy day so I did the best I could given the weather. Anyway, one week after my Feng Shui, the agent got an offer on the property and sold the house!!! The only thing the buyer countered was the Home Warranty Can you believe it?! Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience and I'm happy for her and her clients that the house sold in this crazy market."

Linda Jenkins, Regional Manager, Orange County, CA, Buyers Protection Group

"Thank you for continuously providing hope and new tools to help me “strive to survive” this crazy market! I honestly wouldn’t have made it through this year without you guys! May you and yours enjoy beautiful holidays filled with Love, Laughter, Peace and Happiness! Warm Regards,"

Cindy Farney, REALTOR/ CA

“I just wanted to send a note to thank you so much for the wonderful Feng Shui consultation today. I feel really great about it and am looking forward to getting my office Feng Shui in balance and working your Five Element Business System. There are so many aspects of it that I’m looking forward to but mostly I’m grateful for having you show me the way to find balance in my business, family and personal life. I think you are awesome and appreciate you so much. Not only for what you’ve opened my eyes to and shown me thus far, but also for what you do for so many people. Thank you for your part and doing all that you do to make this world a better place.”

Althea James, Keller Williams Realty

“Thank you so much for the home Feng Shui consultation by phone you gave me. Last year, as you know was a tough year for many sellers. I am a true believer in Feng Shui because I know after my consultation with you, my life has improved so much. I am in balance with health, love, family and finance. Everything just flows much easier. I have applied Feng Shui to every single one of my listings this year. Some of the sellers thought that I was a little whacko but they listened to me and allowed me to do what I needed to with Feng Shui. I am here to tell you that after Feng Shui, ALL MY LISTINGS SOLD WITHIN 30 DAYS. I was amazed that most of my sellers have heard of Feng Shui and are very open to the idea of implementing it. They told me I can do whatever I want as long as I can sell the property. Actually, one of my sellers this year (who has been very stubborn about pricing), has told me that someone recommend he should look into Feng Shui. Well guess who will be Feng Shui'ng his house for sale? Of course I did mention to him that Feng Shui will not work on an overpriced listing. He was softening up by the time I left him today. Right now I’m also working with another Feng Shui Certification member in Florida to sell an investment property I own there. Thank you for everything Suzee – your consultations, Feng Shui Certification course and connections have changed my life.”

Tini Nakashima, ERA Eagle Estates Realty, CA

“Suzee, I wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel about my business right now. Last night’s Feng Shui consultation changed my whole outlook and I am attracting good chi. I have a listing that I have been working an offer on for over a week. The buyers are the sellers of a $650K listing I have. Today, while I was out with some out of town RED buyers, I got a offer on their listing and the one they were trying to buy just fell together – even thought they could buy without selling first.

I worked three contracts today with a net commission of over $43,500. I have been thinking of those affirmations that I am supposed to do for 20 minutes each day. I am definitely a believer. Now, I can’t wait to get my office Feng Shui into balance too!

Thank you for helping me realize how to take my business to the next level.”

Ginny Stopa, RE/MAX By The Bay, Alabama

“I was dead in the water, my business had literally stopped. Now 2 months after learning your Feng Shui business system I’ve already closed SIX NEW escrows...have 3 other deals in the works, and have listed several great properties that I know I will sell before the end of the year!!! I am amazed at what is happening to my business and life since my Feng Shui consultation with you. I LOVE my new Feng Shui office and I'm grateful for all the support you've given me Suzee!”

Peggy Oremland CRS, ABR, e-PRO, ASP RE/MAX Premier VA

“Having lived in Hong Kong for seven years, I can tell you stories about Feng Shui that are eerie to most Westerners. It works in business and personal matters. I know how it works and try to explain basic concepts but a lot of people are not that open-minded. I have experienced the benefits of Feng Shui and can testify without a doubt that it works, if applied by a pro – and Suzee Miller is definitely a PRO... she integrates 8 schools of Feng Shui! It is difficult and unproductive for amateurs to try it. Do yourself a favor and call Suzee first.”

Ken Prichard, Broker, Ruidoso, New Mexico

“I was very reluctant to take the plunge and believe in Feng Shui. However, I had a lot of clients that would do nothing without consulting their Feng Shui Master before decorating or making a move, so I finally decided to give it a try. I was referred to Suzee Miller by several colleagues and decided to have her do a Feng Shui office consultation for me. I fought her recommendations all the way, but fortunately Suzee prevailed and did not give up on me! The first year after my office Feng Shui was in place, my business increased considerably. Since first consulting Suzee two and a half years ago, my commission income now exceeds one million dollars annually and I have a dynamic and supportive team. For the first time in years, it’s actually fun to come to work! Suzee not only is a tremendous professional, but also an amazing person who I am honored and extremely grateful to know. Thank you Suzee, my favorite Feng Shui Master!”

Hillary L. Thomas, Prudential

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“Since I had my office Feng Shui consultation with you a month ago, a lot of business has been coming my way. I haven’t had time to hand out fliers or do mailers to first time buyers. I have 4 escrows and 2 listings in the works this week. Yesterday I had an old client’s friend look me up after 1-1/2 years to tell me she is ready to buy a beachfront condo up to $500,000. It’s amazing what a Feng Shui can do for business!”

Steve Robles, RE/MAX

“Last summer I noticed the market times doubling and I said to myself, ‘Do you want these homes sold in 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months?’ Obviously, the sellers opted for the former, so I started studying Suzee Miller’s Feng Shui Certification course. In the past year I have sold 35 homes, all in less than 30 days and for 98.6% of the list price. Feng Shui is a big part of my selling homes faster and for more money! My best story is that I sold a home in less than 36 hours (on Thanksgiving weekend, no less) that literally backed up to a major expressway. I have a lot of other Feng Shui success stories where the owners were with another agent for literally months and I sold their homes in a few days! Thank you Suzee!”

Marilyn O’Connor, Re/Max Suburban

“Since getting a Feng Shui consultation with Suzee Miller and applying her Feng Shui techniques to my business, I have seen my business increase dramatically. When I meet with my sellers they are excited to be involved in the process of Feng Shui and how it pertains to the sale of their home.

I especially love Suzee’s Five Element Feng Shui Business System and recommend any real estate or mortgage broker to use this method. It works! The money I spent with Suzee has helped me TRIPLE MY BUSINESS and will help you triple yours too!”

Michele Sullivan, Fine Homes & Luxury Condo Specialist, Realty Executives, Nevada

“Suzee, I want to say thank you for your help with my office Feng Shui! I can’t believe it, but I sold a house within 3 days of me feng shui’ng my office! I am blown away by the amazing power of intentions and Feng Shui. I actually had 4-6 buyers call me since consulting with you, a lot more activity and one solid sale within a week! Thank you so much! I am so blessed to have met you. Your guidance is awesome! I look forward to a long career and having you as my mentor. Thanks!”

Gabe Mellein, Rookie Agent, Sun Realty, Florida

“Hi Suzee, I want to give you an update on what is happening in my life personally and professionally since Feng Shui.

The best thing I ever did was take your advice and lease the office space I am now in. Although I was a bit reluctant to leave a big company and go out on my own while pregnant with my 2nd baby, after you did your Feng Shui consulatation on the space, I had peace of mind. You told me to move forward because I would ‘make more money with less effort and business would just fall into my lap.’ I signed the lease and plunged ahead. Let me tell you Suzee, each month is bigger than the last. I’ve gone from working 60 hours a week to a normal 40 hour week. My entire staff works your Five Element Business System and let me tell you – if a client is in the system, they will be calling. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been calling my clients for business and yet my phone rings off the hook day after day with calls from clients and client referrals that want to do business with me. Its as if I do business in my sleep.

Suzee, after you came in to do my office Feng Shui, I immediately put everything into play and things just started to happen. We had a goal to buy 6 properties this year and we have already purchased 5. In fact, I was going through my YTD numbers yesterday and I didn’t even realize it but I have already earned over $1,000,000 in commissions. Since I didn’t work too much the first quarter because I was pregnant, I really didn’t think I would hit a million dollars again this year. Well Suzee, its been 6 months since our Feng Shui consultation and lo and behold we will earn $1,500,000 this year in literally 9 months! And, since working less seems to earn me more, we are now planning to buy a house in the mountains, which of course I wouldn’t consider buying until having another Feng Shui consultation with you!!!

Suzee, I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you have done for my business, my family and especially for me. I love your Feng Shui TeleSeminars and all the great Feng Shui tips you share with us. I can’t wait to see you for our next annual audit because I know good fortune and a fabulously abundant life will follow. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Dinorah Carmenate, Independent R.E. Broker

“I just had a little cubicle office space that I shared with another agent and didn’t think Feng Shui would make a big difference in my career but decided to Feng Shui it anyway, after hearing Suzee Miller speak. Within days, it was like I was launched from a cannon. Business came from everywhere and my clients were/are to this day a joy to work with. It’s 1-1/2 years later and I’m now #1 in my office! I’m also enjoying free time and vacations and will be getting married the end of November (something I Feng Shui’d for too!)”

Janie Sullivan, Coldwell Banker

“Hi Suzee, I am so glad I spent the money to do my office Feng Shui consultation – it’s the best money I've ever spent. After I moved in to my new space and followed your advice, things began to change. It took two weeks to make the move, and right after that I got one sale, one listing and another sale is coming shortly. I Feng Shui’d my listing and sold it in one day. Also, I will be receiving two referral fees, one from my listing and one from the sale that I will getting in about two weeks - both sales were out of my area. My life is more in balance, and my attitude has changed so much. IT IS A GOOD LIFE. I know with your help and Feng Shui advice that I will be the number one agent in my office. I’m looking forward to that day. I’m looking forward to having you do my home Feng Shui next. Thank you so much for coming into my life! PS: I love your Feng Shui Abundance TeleSeminar CD. I will be ordering more of your other products. God Bless you for helping me to be successful in everything I do.”

Gerrie Izaguire, Campbell Realtors

“Feng Shui and Suzee Miller have made the most incredible changes in my life. I have found the most wonderful new assistant, my team at the office is working at peak production and our BUSINESS HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER. In the last 60 days we have put over 30 transaction sides into escrow. On the personal side, my life has never been better either – I have a wonderful new love in my life, and my children are doing awesome! I started as a Feng Shui skeptic and now I AM A HUGE BELIEVER, thanks to Suzee.”

Chris McKeen, Prudential Real Estate

“My husband Ryan and I work as a team in Real Estate. We have been in close contact with a client for a future listing. A month before we put it on the market, I worked with the owners to implement Feng Shui in a very simple, non-aggressive approach. Basically clearing out clutter, organizing, cleaning and making it as cozy and inviting as possible… We even staged it ready for a wonderful dinner party. The last final touch was completed using my knowledge of Suzee’s Feng Shui tips by remedying and enhancing the appropriate gua areas. Long story short, when we put the property on the market, we received 3 multiple offers within 24 hours, and with another back up offer. We ended up closing $5,000 over asking price! Furthermore, this is in a neighborhood where the same floor plan properties stay on the market for 200 days plus! We also received several phone calls from different agents asking us what we did differently that stimulated so much instant attention and action. The answer was simple – FENG SHUI WORKS!!! It works like magic in front of your eyes!”

Natalia and Ryan Williams, CERTIFIED Feng Shui RE Professionals

“I saw so many changes occur the first week after my phone Feng Shui consultation with you, especially with my kids' energy. My oldest daughter is so much more optimistic and happy now. I was so stuck when we spoke. It seemed like my life and business were on hold. Even my clients were struggling to get cash to close properties, and I couldn’t get a refinance. Then a week after our Feng Shui consultation, I got an all-cash buyer for a 4.5 million high-rise condo in Westwood!!! Even my refinance got approved, and now money seems to be coming at me from every direction. My husband is doing very well too... he’s traveling all over the world with work. We are definitely UNSTUCK now Suzee. You are a magician! I’m calling you to consult on an investment property Feng Shui next. Thank you for everything!”

Nina Rasho, CA

“My husband and I have always wanted to get our real estate licenses, but have never been able to successfully complete the course, let alone do Feng Shui for our home. However, Suzee's Truth & Tips emails and constant inspiration are most helpful in motivating both of us to go forward with our dreams. Thank you for FengShuiPlaza.com and all your expertise!”

Gretchen and David Burton

“Since learning Suzee’s Five Element Business System in February, we just put 16 transactions into escrow in less than 3 weeks!!! This system is AMAZING and we learned it in less than 2 hours! In the prior year, our business increased 300% and we made the cover of Broker Agent magazine within 6 months of doing our home and office Feng Shui. It's so great that Suzee can do Feng Shui consultations over the phone... Feng Shui has positively enriched and changed our lives and real estate careers!”

Mary & Michael Fry, Century 21

“I did my office and home Feng Shui in November. The following month was my best December ever! The start of the year has been amazing for me and I have already exceeded 2/3rds of the income I earned from all of last year and it’s only May 1st! Business just seems to come out of the blue, and I know it is the Feng Shui at work. I also had a difficult listing that I used your Feng Shui tips from your audio program “Color Your Listings Sold,” and it sold in no time at all! People and situations now just seem to present themselves, and referrals from past clients come in like never before!

Your business plan is great not only because of the Feng Shui involved, but it really organized me, which I needed. I FEEL EMPOWERED NOW since moving my desk around and working in my best directions. The more things I put into practice, the busier I get!

Thanks Suzee... I know we will do a lot more together in the future!”

Kathy Shasha, Coldwell Banker R.E.

“I have done several Feng Shui consultations with you and after each one I find almost miraculous results! The energy shifts and POOF! It's a miracle. For instance, I had you do a Feng Shui Business Consultation late last summer, and as soon as I put just some of the elements in place, my real estate business began loosening up after a very difficult first 3 quarters. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned from you and plan to continue in my Feng Shui Certification. I can’t wait to see what happens when I get all the elements in place!

Barbara Browning, Broker Browning, Inc. Real Estate, Nashville, TN

“Suzee, I purchased and listened to your Feng Shui marketing program called 'Color Your Listings Sold' and sold a difficult listing 2 days later after Feng Shui'ng it myself! Your Feng Shui audio programs are fantastic and everything you say is true. What a great way to market and sell property. Thank you so much for introducing me to this unique art. I intend to market all my listings with Feng Shui.”

Pam Luckey, Coldwell Banker

“My first experience with Feng Shui was when one of my sellers hired Feng Shui expert Suzee Miller. The home had been on the market for 150 days with 3 price reductions. After Suzee spent 2 hours doing the property Feng Shui, we sold it on Open House, 4 days later!

After witnessing this, I immediately hired Suzee to Feng Shui a nightmare listing... on the market approximately 2 years! Again it was fascinating to watch her in action. Suzee pulled items out of closets, moved things around, and sent me shopping for inexpensive remedies. Per her instructions, I put my energy back into the sale! The sellers were shocked and amazed at the change in their home. Long story short, we raised the price and sold the house in 7 days!

I can tell you that not all Feng Shui experts are alike. It takes the combination of training, experience, vision, and talent to “see” what Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller can see, do, and teach in minutes!”

Barb Webber, Star Real Estate

“Suzee – I don’t know where to start or how to thank you. The most wonderful things have happened to my family and my business since you did our office and home Feng Shui. How do you put gratitude for health, happiness, contentment, peace and joy into words? If you could, that would describe our new Feng Shui home and lives. I have a teenager and a five year old – so that's saying A LOT!!!

Within 90 days of your Feng Shui consultation, I had my first MILLION dollar month in sales (don’t forget I only work part-time), not only that but your Five Element Business System has increased my referral business 100 fold. My son’s grades improved within a couple weeks after we made changes to his room, and my husbands greatest stress at work quietly went away once we followed your suggestions. Remember how sick I had been when we met? Now the overall health of my family has greatly improved by keeping the health area of our property clean and orderly. Our Feng Shui garden is the talk of the neighborhood – it’s so beautiful! Another great thing is that we’ve been taking lots of vacations and weekend holidays, alone and with the kids, and just bought a new home on the beach. Don’t worry, we aren’t going forward or moving in it without getting your stamp of approval from a Feng Shui consultation first!!”

Susan Hill

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“Suzee, your Five Elements Business System is amazing! It helps us track the money and stay focused on the good clients. We’ve had a 50% increase in hot prospects since using your system. We were #1 for the first time in our company within 30 days of doing our office Feng Shui – and hope to be #1 again this month too! My productivity doubled 60 days after our Feng Shui consultation. Within 90 days, we put 18 homes into escrow and already have 8 closed. No BOMs at all, and, oh yes – 12 listings too! We are organized and balanced for the first time and business comes from referrals quite effortlessly. Thank you Suzee for everything!”

Poupee Komenkul

“Dear Suzee, thank you for all your Feng Shui educational products! I did your “Color Your Listings Sold” audio program and learned how to feng shui property for one of my step-daughter’s listings in California that had been on the market for a long time and was about to expire. She held an open house the next weekend and it sold immediately! After that, I took on a difficult listing in Nebraska. It was across from a church. Since I had learned from you how to Feng Shui property for this particular type of location, I actually sold it TO the church across the street. They bought it for a day care center!!! I sold both properties using your Feng Shui Empowerment collection, which included “Myth, Magic and Reality” and “Color Your Listings Sold.” I’ve had so much success, I’ve decided now to get CERTIFIED!!! I want to thank you for the great information, and for allowing me to pay over time. I can’t wait to get my Feng Shui certification!

Joan Thomson, Nebraska

“I listed this lovely property in Raleigh, NC for $609,750 after it was on the market with another Realtor for almost a year. These sellers contacted me because I had Feng Shui’d another property in their neighborhood (and even though it backed to two residential roads, I sold it immediately, and it closed with wonderful, sweet buyers.) Anyway, I Feng Shui’d their property and sold it in about 2 weeks for cash - no contingencies and with a large escrow deposit. They cannot believe it was so simple! Now they are being transferred out of state so they contacted me to list their current property and we listed it for $719,750 and I will Feng Shui it and I know that it will sell quickly as well. THANK YOU FENG SHUI & THANK YOU SUZEE FOR ENLIGHTENING ME SO I CAN HELP OTHERS. GOD BLESS YOU. You are amazing.”

Sandra Jean LaBarbera,
North Carolina

“Hi Suzee, lots of things are changing for the better for me since my last Feng Shui consultation with you. I sold the Tampa house in one week after I listed it for sale utilizing all your Feng Shui tips. I have the Kentucky house up for sale now too. Suzee you just don’t know how great you really are! You have totally changed my life and I am sure there is more good to come!”

Darlene Schaefer

“I think about you everyday. Of course I do, because I am SO GRATEFUL to you for introducing me to Feng Shui. Since completing your Feng Shui tips for my office, my business has taken off like a wildfire. When we first talked, I was at the lowest level I have ever been in my 25 year real estate career. I had zero listings and zero escrows. It has always been a roller-coaster. However, I would always make just enough money so I wouldn’t get out of the real estate business. I have gone to every big name seminar and hired every well known real estate coach you could think of. I think I’ve been to them all. Nothing seemed to work like they proclaimed. I was beginning to think that I was doomed to struggle. Then out of sheer desperation, I called you for a Feng Shui consultation. Now, my business is booming and I am having more fun than ever. Your Five Element Feng Shui Business System is simple, fun and it works! Your system should be taught in every real estate office. Thank you so much!

I have not completed all of your Feng Shui suggestions to my home yet, as I have been so busy, but this weekend is dedicated to completing our house Feng Shui. I can’t imagine how things could get any better though!

Suzee, I am delighted that you will be speaking at the NAR conference in San Francisco on November 9th. I will be there without hesitation and look forward to meeting you in person too. Much love and gratitude.”

Jeanette Lacy, RE/MAX

“As a Real Estate agent who is also a Certified Stager, I know your course is absolutely invaluable to both Realtors and professional stagers. In the past, I have taken great pride in my interior staging talents, but with my new Feng Shui training and your excellent teaching, I feel that this will tie everything together. Especially learning how to Feng Shui property, plus applying the correct emphasis and Feng Shui colors on the interior rooms – these skills alone set me apart. I am grateful for your wisdom and your Feng Shui Certification course.”


“Greetings Suzee! I share this with you now as the docs are filed and the checks have cleared!!! Do you remember my incredible situation with three houses on four lots: a cul-de-sac, 2 AX handle lots, missing partnership guas that we Feng Shui’d over the phone mid-February? Well on Thursday May 8th, we SOLD the log house (on the market 8 months) and May 9th, we SOLD the Lakehouse (on market 2.5 yrs)!!!

We did the Feng Shui on both properties THE SAME DAY and SOLD virtually THE SAME DAY! I worked VERY HARD for over one month to complete the Feng Shui remedies you recommended for all these lots and houses, as there was 4 feet of snow on the ground! You even told me a teacher would probably buy the log house and a successful businessman the lakehouse, and IT HAPPENED EXACTLY THAT WAY! You are AMAZING. Thank you!!! I am going to continue my Feng Shui studies with you so that I may achieve my Feng Shui Certification.

Thank you Suzee – you are on the right track in all you teach us, and we appreciate it!”

Alex Aaron, Sugar Hill, NH

“‘Color Your Listings Sold with Feng Shui’ works, and it works fast. I Feng Shui ALL my listings now – it’s great billboard advertisement for more listings and referral business. I’m SOLD on Feng Shui and I’m SOLD on Suzee Miller!”

Sam Spade, Keller Williams

“Hi, Suzee. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, thank you, thank you for your unbelievable assistance in the sale of our client’s home on Ximeno Avenue. Before I convinced my partner that we needed to think outside the box to sell this property, it sat on the market for over two months. We couldn’t figure out what to do until we took your advice and Feng Shui’d it. It took us less than one hour and it sold in less than 3 days!!! In addition, our contract closed ahead of schedule in one of the easiest transactions we’ve had in years. According to our ‘conservative’ seller, Feng Shui Rocks! Today we Feng Shui all of our listings before putting them into MLS. Thanks, Suzee for making this fun marketing technique available to us; we’re having a dynamic year!”

Francoise Pichon, GRI, CRS, Keller Williams Real Estate

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