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Hi Suzee,

Hope you new lunar year is going well! I want to give you another update!

I listened to my 2019 consultation with you again and moved the metal around. I missed a few things here and there. So far things are going well for me this year, the girls are doing great, I feel we have a stronger bond with them since last year. Valerie is thriving and she volunteered herself to perform at school events such as the Chinese New Year parade and the spelling bee context. I would have never dreamed that she would volunteer herself to do such things. I am happy to see that she is having more confidence. Serena is doing well too, still her happy go lucky self, she just recovered from the flu but the symptoms were relatively mild.

Work-wise things are going really GREAT! I have 6 new contracts (escrows) so far this year. My coach put me on a challenge to make 28 contacts for 21 days straight and I finished day 12 already. I like having the structure and focus in my work, and I feel things are humming along well.

I also have a new part-time person to help me. I feel supported and in control at work. I feel really good personally as well, I sleep well, feeling at peace with myself and with my decisions. I have more time to think and I feel more creative in general. That's a nice change from last year. If I can keep up my current routine, it will be a great year because I am a lot more productive compared to last year.

One more thing - before we worked together, I always was not sure about my decisions in life, because sometimes the effects may or may not be known until years later. I’m so grateful I get to know you and have you be my LIFE COACH and now I know my decisions are supported by the energy of the universe and I can be free to choose what I want. This is priceless!

Wishing you a year full of harmony and peace Suzee! Thank you again for everything you have done for me!

Love, Grace
(Received February 10, 2019)

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