Feng Shui Testimonials

Suzee Miller - Feng Shui Master

A few client and customer testimonials by category:


“I am vibrating at a much better level since working with you on my office Feng Shui. I have experienced a visible increase in activity, and already have 2 sales and another one in the works! I actually danced one morning when I walked into my office because it felt so good! I also enrolled in your Feng Shui Certification course, and my wife is 100% on board with me; I also have worked with three of my sellers who have instituted the proper Feng Shui colors in the different guas. Your Feng Shui techniques are amazing. I feel ALIVE again, with a whole new perspective on life and business.”

David Carroll, SC, R.E. Broker

"I have a success story to share with you! I helped an agent Feng Shui a very unusual house with lots of steps up and down, all over. The house, located in Walnut, sat at the top of a steep driveway. It was a rainy day so I did the best I could given the weather. Anyway, one week after my Feng Shui, the agent got an offer on the property and sold the house!!! The only thing the buyer countered was the Home Warranty Can you believe it?! Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience and I'm happy for her and her clients that the house sold in this crazy market."

Linda Jenkins, Regional Manager, Orange County, CA, Buyers Protection Group

“I am enjoying your Feng Shui CDs more than you can imagine! Being Feng Shui Certified has already changed my life and career in amazing ways!”

Connie Thomas, LA

"Your Feng Shui audio books and audio programs are phenomenal. I am only half way thru them, but already the opportunities that are coming along are just UNIMAGINABLE! Thank you."

Manoj Shivnani - Business Entrepreneur, Spain

"Dear Suzee, I got your package a few weeks ago and listened to everything several times and the Feng Shui program is just awesome. I did a test and placed an affirmation in the helpful people area in a silver box to sell my motorcycle, within 12 hours of doing that, there were so many calls and emails wanting to purchase it. Thank you very much!! I definitely plan to use your consultation services next as I have already purchased a home in North Carolina!"

Katherine Finnie, Homeowner -Fairmont, NC

"I am the Feng Shui Element ‘Water’ and since learning this and repositioning myself in my best guas and directions, I’ve had THE best two years in real estate during the worst two years in Florida. Your Feng Shui Certification course iis AMAZING!"

Gabe Mellein, Real Estate Broker - FL

"I got to listen to your Feng Shui Forecast this past weekend. It's GREAT! Listening made me realize how you can make your own dream come true in any circumstances. Thanks for all the Feng Shui remedies and advise Suzee. Your certification course has already exploded my business! You are the BEST! "

Jay Kim, CEO - Idolian Mobile, Inc., South Korea & USA

"I bless you everyday that you enlightened me to Feng Shui....if it wasn't for that initial e-mail you sent me way back, I know that I would not be saying that I have currently over $130,000 in commissions in contract. I owe it all to you and your Feng Shui CERTIFICATION........Thanks so very much!"

Debra L, Stagg REMAX Hills & Valley New Jersey

“I just double-ended a property in 3 DAYS using Suzee Miller’s Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques. The Feng Shui Certification course and benefits are worth every penny, ten times over!”

Sandra Jean LaBarbera, Feng Shui Certified REALTOR®, RE/MAX, NC

"Thanks for the generosity of your Feng Shui audio programs Suzee. We truly appreciate your gifts and talents. Your work is totally amazing! We are now living blessed lives in countless ways in taking your Feng Shui Certification. God bless you."

Brenda and Verlyn Cohn, Country Western Song Writers, Nebraska

"I can attest that Feng Shui works and works FAST! I Feng Shui all my listings, ask top dollar for them and get it. I’m currently enrolled in Suzee’s Feng Shui Certification program and I love it. Quite frankly, Feng Shui has already branded me ahead of the competition. I’m looking forward now to networking with other REALTORS® knowledgeable in Feng Shui. Thanks, Suzee, for teaching me how to use Feng Shui the right way!"

Kathy Luebcke, Broker, Intero Real Estate

“I am AWE-INSPIRED by your Feng Shui Certification course. It’s INCREDIBLE. I can’t get enough of it!!! I’ve only been at it a short time and it has already improved the quality of my life, not to mention I’m having a lot of fun too!”

Robyn Wonnell, Certification Student, CA

"There is no way to begin to thank you for the success and wealth my partner and I have amassed since honoring our power directions and learning your Feng Shui Certification. We are deeply grateful to you Suzee, beyond 'just' words."

Bobbi Feinstein, Realty Executives - Territory Franchise Owners for California and Mexico

“I am so happy and excited that I successfully completed your Feng Shui Certification course! It was a wonderful learning journey, and I am thrilled about all the opportunities to be of service now!”

Lanis Loveday Chidel, Feng Shui CERTIFIED Realtor® FL

“For the last 5 years, our engineers and architects have been working in their best directions, and every year their production and our business has grown. Thank you for the powerful information found in your Feng Shui Certification course. It is fantastic!”

Michelle Pettit, CEO, PC Associates

“You truly inspire me. Thank you for what you do, how you do it and what you share with all of us. You are living my dream – practicing what you teach, speaking and continually growing. I feel blessed to know you. I LOVE your Feng Shui Certification course! Keep up the good work!”

Kathy Mays, Interior Designer, CA

“Suzee your Feng Shui educational programs are phenomenal. You are the only Author/Feng Shui Master that has ever taught professionals how to apply Feng Shui principles in the Real Estate business. It’s AMAZING how powerful your Feng Shui techniques are in selling property. In my opinion, your Feng Shui Certification course is as good as it gets”

Kathy Collings, CRB, CRS,
Director of Tucker University F.C. Tucker Co., Inc, IN

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I consulted by phone with you on a difficult listing this year. The house had been on the market almost 9 months with no offers, and 2 price reductions. My seller, who was on the call with us, corrected the things you suggested and I took care of the rest of the items in a couple of hours. Anyway, I apologize for not writing you sooner. I wanted to let you know the Sunday following my consultation with you, I sat open house and a buyer came in and fell in love with it and bought the house! The interesting thing is this buyer had a pending contract on another house 2 cities away and backed out of it when they saw my listing! I’ve since purchased your Feng Shui Certification course and now Feng Shui all my listings... currently I’m down to only one!!! You are a wonderful teacher and your marketing ideas are fantastic.

MUCHAS GRACIAS por el Feng Shui!"
Janet Martinez, Century 21

"Since listening to my Feng Shui element, MY INCOME HAS INCREASED TENFOLD in just 9 months, doing what I love to do! I followed everything you suggested to the 'T' including space-clearing. Today, I am much more aware of my uniqueness and allow the natural Empress in me to come out! I’m very excited about studying your Feng Shui Certification course next. I cannot thank you enough!"

Maria Carter, Author – Feng Shui Consultant, CA

"I was literally down to my last few dollars when my sister told me about Suzee Miller. I immediately got on her website and started devouring as much information as I possibly could. I downloaded my Feng Shui Element Audio and began implementing EVERYTHING Suzee recommended. Within 24 HOURS -- I kid you not -- I pulled in new paying work, a huge new client, I received money from some orders and I finally felt joy & optimism again. In fact, I pulled in the funds to be able to continue to purchase more of Suzee’s products - and each one gave me new insights and improved results. My creativity is renewed and I have a revived outlook on my life. I’m now enjoying her Feng Shui Certification course, it’s stellar. Thank you Suzee Miller for all your brilliance and Feng Shui mastery. "

Carine Horner, Artist, Musician, Graphic Designer

"Suzee Miller may not be Chinese but I am, and since learning how to Feng Shui my office, I have increased my staff by 20 new people (now 70 employees strong). Also since honoring my power directions at work it has enabled me to work smarter (4 days/wk .. soon to be just 3 days/wk!!) while tripling my company earnings in one year. Thanks to Suzee, my company is now branded a success!"

Sherri Tong, CEO, Intergro Health Services - California

“I have done several Feng Shui consultations with you and after each one I find almost miraculous results! The energy is shifted and poof! For instance, I had you do a Feng Shui Business Consultation late last summer, and as soon as I put just some of the elements in place, my real estate business began loosening up after a very difficult first 3 quarters. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned from you and plan to continue in my Feng Shui Certification. I can’t wait to see what happens when I get all the elements in place!

Barbara Browning, Broker Browning, Inc. Real Estate, Nashville, TN

“I have been following Suzee Miller and buying her Feng Shui educational products for a couple of years now. I am presently in her Feng Shui Certification program and wish I had taken the course sooner! It is very organized and has really opened my eyes. I love knowing that I have the ability to transform energy. I have scheduled my first Feng Shui home consultation for September and I cannot wait. This will be the first of many consultations to come. Thank you Suzee for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Feng Shui!

Shaylyn Padgett, Dawsonville, GA

“As a real estate agent who is also a Certified Stager, your Feng Shui Certification course is absolutely invaluable to both Realtors and professional stagers. In the past, I have taken great pride in interior staging, but with my new Feng Shui training and your excellent teaching, I feel that this will lift everything to a whole new level. Especially learning how to Feng Shui property, plus applying the correct emphasis on the interior rooms – these skills alone set me apart. I am grateful for your wisdom and your Feng Shui Certification course.”


“I feel like a mad woman – space clearing everything you said to do in your Feng Shui Certification course – but it feels GREAT! I love Feng Shui and all your audio programs. I just got a call an hour ago that my client’s short sale was accepted. I’m so excited to help people this way. Thanks Suzee – I’m looking forward to consulting with you about my office Feng Shui in November!”

Christy Diehl, REALTOR, La Jolla, CA

“I enrolled in your Feng Shui Certification course a few years ago and started studying like gang-busters and then got completely distracted due to life. I am back on track now and am loving your educational audio programs!”

Lisa Hyte, RE/MAX, Salt Lake City, UT

"I purchased your Feng Shui audio program a couple of weeks ago. I’m finding it very interesting and informative. I find your email notices interesting and thought provoking too – keep them coming!"

Sandra Low, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have always enjoyed listening to your Feng Shui seminars. They are logical, practical and very, very true. Most of all, following them allows us to develop the more positive side of our nature. Thank you and more power to you."

Edna “Edzz” C. Ko, Davao City, Philippines

“If it was not for you and Feng Shui, things would not be going as smooth for me. I have it all... a GREAT life, a wonderful life partner and a booming career since consulting with you by phone the last 3 years. Of course, I listen to your Feng Shui Certification CDs all the time too. I believe in Feng Shui and I believe in you so I follow it religiously. My friends in the business are not doing well this year and I can see why – their lives are out of balance and their environments are not healthy or good. I told them but they do not believe me. I’m so glad I’m a believer; thank you for everything Suzee!”

Tini Nakashima ERA R.E. San Diego, CA

"Every time I take a step with Feng Shui, something changes for the better. I know it has to be good unfolding. It’s an exciting journey! Thanks for the inspiraton and all your Feng Shui products!”

Lee Shennum, Homeowner, TX

“Our home was on the market almost 6 months with no offers. So we hired a Feng Shui Certified Realtor® who came in and did a few things inside and out. Within 72 hours our house sold. Within one week of Feng Shui, my wife got promoted to V.P., we won $1,000, and a 2nd T.D. of $10,000 that was owed us for years was paid off in full!!!”

Jerry Philips, Property Mgr, Western U.S. XEROX Corporation

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