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Introduce your company and/or association to the Hottest Real Estate Topic in the industry - FENG SHUI . Star real estate broker and Feng Shui expert, Suzee Miller, will touch, move, and inspire your conference attendees and IGNITE their sales and income in record time!

Your Attendees will Learn How To:

  • COMMAND top dollar
  • SAVE advertising dollars
  • TURN buyers into contracts
  • MULTIPLY sales and income
  • REDUCE property showing time
  • EMPOWER their lives and careers
  • REMEDY their hard-to-sell listings
  • CREATE billboard quality advertising
  • INCREASE Feng Shui skill and knowledge
  • FENG SHUI office and staff for high-volume sales
  • MAXIMIZE visual, emotional, and physical appeal of listings
  • CAPITALIZE on Suzee Miller's Five Element Business System® for wealth

“The theory behind Feng Shui is that a life force flows through all things…buildings, hills, rivers, power lines and people, and the manipulation of the force through the proper orientation of physical structures (and placement of objects) can enhance a person’s wealth and good fortune. The first rule in real estate may one day read:


New York Times

Feng Shui is not superstition, philosophy or religion. It is the art and science of creating balance and harmony in homes, offices and in residential and commercial properties. Architects, Builders, Developers and real estate professionals around the world are using Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques as a unique and critical edge over their competition!

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