Who is a Feng Shui Master?

A Feng Shui Master is a composer of natural energies. She has a direct effect on our lives, on our physical and emotional health, intellect, moods, perceptions and even on our points of view.

These energies already exist in nature and are in harmony where nature exists by itself. As humans, we have evolved and learned to modify our surroundings. This has had a direct impact on the energies of the environment, and in most cases creates extreme discord.

Each place we visit, whether it be a room, office, home, building or even a park have many seen and unseen energies that affect us, short term and long term.

Using the natural energies of an environment to its most positive potential is what Feng Shui is all about.

For instance, imagine entering a concert hall where all of the musicians are playing their instruments randomly at varying intensities and durations.

No matter how wonderfully skilled each individual musician is the result would still be chaotic discord. It would not take long before the "noise" (sha chi) would be so irritating it would begin to create negative emotions and energy.

In the same way a composer of a symphony creates auditory magnificence from the direct arrangement of each musician, instrument and musical note, a Feng Shui master's compositions create magnificent harmony from chaotic and discord energies around us, by using the direct and careful placement of physical objects that possess invisible forces that bind the universe and all life together, known as chi (qi)…energy.

A musician can play an instrument and create a beautiful song, while a composer can create a symphony without hearing a note.

So, it is that you can also have beautiful furniture in a beautiful room and still have no symphony, only discord energies that work against the nature, intention and purpose of the room and the energies that affect all life within that environment.

Such are the photos flashing above!

Not one room, structure, décor or garden that you see meets the “basic” tenants or principles of Feng Shui. They are beautiful songs, but they are not symphonies that embrace, support, enrich and empower lives.

Learn how to create Feng Shui environments that that are in alignment and balance “harmonically” with the visible and invisible forces of nature (like the photo below) - with Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller, so that you can LIVE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL with GRACE, GLORY and EASE.

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