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by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

Feng Shui and Lucky Money!!!

by Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

In Classical/Traditional Feng Shui, timing and direction play an important role in helping you attract money "luck." Based on the last digit of your birth year, there is a specific direction where you can store (save) money in your house. For accuracy, you will need to use a compass to determine the area as it needs to be within 15 degrees to spot. By placing a jar of spare change or an object of wealth in this area, the Chinese believe your "cosmic" money account will multiply. It's certainly worth a try!

0 233-247 SW
1 263-277 W
2 323-335 NW
3 353-7 N
4 53-67 NE
5 83-97 E
6 143-157 SE
7 173-187 S
8 143-157 SE
9 173-187 S

*Note: If you were born Jan 1 thru Feb 3, use the prior year to calculate your Lucky Money Spot

Are you IN or OUT of BALANCE?

CLUTTER: When clutter starts to accumulate in an environment, imbalance in our personal, professional and social lives always follows. This can range from health and financial challenges to struggle and conflict with friends, family, co workers, and partners. Feng Shui is the communication that takes place everyday between you and your environment. At a glance, take a look at your home, office, desk, car and briefcase and check to see if you are in or out of balance!

DE-CLUTTERING: This is the first step in reclaiming your health, vitality, energy and business! Creating a sense of harmony and peace in your space will reflect the same in your life and career. Consciously letting go of "things" that no longer serve your highest good, will invigorate and energize your personal Ch'i, and empower you to attract abundant blessings, health, wealth and good fortune in your life.


Q: Should I include porches and decks in the Bagua when I Feng Shui my home?

A: If a porch or deck completes the Ba-Gua square (eliminates a missing corner or qua section) then, yes, include it. If it extends beyond the Ba-Gua and is less that 50% of the width, then do not include it. The later scenario is called an "Extension" and is considered a fortunate blessing for the occupants.

Q: Given the choice to face one of my power directions at work or sitting in one of my best Bagua areas, what would you advise me to do?

A: Good question. Although some Feng Shui Masters would disagree with me, I would definitely honor at least 2 out of four "empowerment" directions, at all times, when working or talking to significant others. Also, some Masters believe the sitting position is more important than the facing. I personally believe the (eyes) facing position is the most powerful school of all. Aligning yourself with your power directions will help to reduce stress and eliminate time wasted in the day. If you are lucky enough to sit "facing" 3 out of four of your best directions at work, it's possible to reduce your focused work time by a third, as well. This principle is based on magnetic energy alignment. Each human being has four out of eight magnetic "compass" directions that support us in almost every aspect of our lives.

Q: I'm ready to buy my first home. How can I tell if a house has good or bad Feng Shui?

A: The answer to this question is both simple and complex. The perfect "shape" of a house in Feng Shui is square or rectangular with no missing corners. In Classical Feng Shui, we believe that the "unseen" energy inside a property will either support or deplete us. This is based on many factors ranging from "compass" sitting/facing directions, year constructed, your day and year of birth, whether you are an East or West Group person, the compass direction of main doors and bedrooms, as well as the location and shape of the land and building too. To embrace Feng Shui from a Classical perspective like this, requires a consultation with someone who practices both Traditional and Western Feng Shui.

Q: What is your 5 Element Business System all about and how can I learn it? There is a gal in my office who had you Feng Shui her office last year and teach her this and now she is number one in sales for the company, but she won't share anything with me, it's like some kind of big secret.

A: I'm happy, but not surprised, to hear she made #1!! However, I am sad to hear that your associate is not willing to share her success story with you and others. There is an "endless supply" of abundance in the Universe for everyone to tap in to, even within the same office – therefore, it's impossible for competition to hurt anyone!

My Five Element Business System is not difficult to learn, and it is not a secret either. It's a powerful color code system based on the "productive cycle" of five Chinese elements that when used properly, magnetizes business to you. This system is effective in any industry. It's our most sought after consultation; it's called the COMBO (a 2 hour recorded phone consultation) and includes the Feng Shui of your office, desk and learning a 5 Element Business System that supports high volume sales. This consultation has helped hundreds of business professionals triple their existing sales and income in record time. However, because the 5EBS is designed to honor a company's and/or individual's "personal" vision and goals, it is impossible to duplicate on CD for the general public, thus the reason why it is done by consultation, one-on-one. (If you want more information about our Feng Shui Consultations click here)

Q: I have a listing that won't sell, what can you do to help me sell this property fast before the listing expires in 30 days?

A: Believe it or not, 90% of the time it's the Ch'i of the land that needs Feng Shui'n the most, not the house, to get it sold! Western Ba-Gua, the simplest school to learn, is the easiest and fastest way to Feng Shui and sell a difficult or hard to sell listing. You can learn how to do this, step-by-step on your own, with our REALTOR EMPOWERMENT program. It's fun and the results are fast and dynamic, and your sellers will love it too. You can order this unique marketing and sale program online at www.FengShui4RE.com by clicking onto the Product link. After learning this program, it will take you "less than" ONE hour to Feng Shui your listing!! It is also a great basic course on how to Feng Shui your own home too.

Q: Someone told me that single women artwork in my bedroom is affecting my ability to find a mate, is this true?

A: Feng Shui is the language of symbols, colors and metaphors (among other things). Thus if you are single and desirous of a partner in life, this would be an inappropriate placement. Pairs of things would help to pull in partners i.e.. artwork of lovers kissing, dancing etc. would certainly enhance your odds. However, I have found that many clients, both male and female, with single object artwork in their living environment, are often times more "ambivalent" than desirous of a relationship. Thus the fourth realm of INTENTION always rules! You would benefit greatly by listening to TeleSeminar CD# 2: "LIKE GRAVITY, You Don't have Believe in Feng Shui for it to Work!!!"

Q: I've listened to your FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT program several times and think it's GREAT! I love Feng Shui and it's amazing how my life and career has changed since using your methods. I can't thank you enough!! Now I want to learn more, can you tell me what books I should read or do next?

A: Congratulations!! It sounds like you are ready for advanced Feng Shui! I suggest you join our Feng Shui Certification program which includes access to our Members-Only website AND TeleSeminars for your continuing Feng Shui education. Peace and Blessings! ~ Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

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