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by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

LOVE in the Bedroom...

20 HOT Tips to improve romance, love and your sex life in less than a day!

You might be asking yourself: "why do I need Feng Shui to improve my LOVE life?"

The answer is simple... Feng Shui mirrors reality. Our living environment is either a metaphor of high or low energy. High energy attracts optimistic, compassionate, loving people, while low energy environments attract negative, self absorbed, and/or out of balance people.

With focused attention, using Feng Shui symbols, colors and objects (placement), we can change our environment and attract good quality people and relationships into our lives, along with MORE romance, passion and FUN!

In simple terms, Feng Shui is the art of mindfulness. When we consciously organize and decorate space using Feng Shui principles based on the Ba-gua "energy" blueprint, our environment acts like a magnet to attract our highest intention.

So, if it's love that you are seeking, your space must exude love... Sensuality, Sexuality and Sacredness. It should also reflect grace, harmony and beauty to attract a healthy, romantic and loving partner.

Whether you are single and seeking, or partnered and married here are a few things you can do to attract a WONDERFUL love relationship, or to improve the one you are already in. For fast results, I suggest focusing your attention on your master bedroom first!

The following Feng Shui tips for your bedroom help to ENHANCE...
romance, passion, and a loving union:

  • Pairs of things: two hearts, two candles, a decanter with two glasses, and/or a vase with two flowers
  • Two night stands and two lamps for equality
  • The removal of clutter to allow room for intimacy a to bloom
  • A fresh coat of paint to remove old, stuck and/or angry energy.
  • Soft, romantic music instead of a distracting TV
  • Luxuriate.. sleep on 300 + thread count linen and enjoy plush new towels to soothe your body and soul
  • Buy a beautiful new duvet or bed spread with even number pillows
  • Hang His and Her bathrobes (Terry or silk)
  • Wear sensual lingerie and/or pajamas to bed
  • Add a pretty basket filled with oils, bubble bath, and massage lotions...and enjoy using them together
  • Spray Lavender, Vanilla and/or Cinnamon daily to freshen your sacred space
  • Read poetry to each other (or to yourself until your mate appears)
  • Add sensual and romantic artwork to your bedroom décor
  • Sweeten your relationship with candy kisses in the “Marriage and Partnership” gua area of your room
  • Add a romantic photo of you and your partner (or a picture of your dream mate)
  • Balance your bedroom with equal elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood
  • Honor your “personal” element by sleeping in one of your best health directions (Find Your Element)
  • Set the Intention for peace, passion and romance to be more important than who’s right and who’s wrong

For MORE and BETTER sex... Avoid:

  • A computer, TV, desk and/or a child sleeping in bed with you and your beloved
  • Photos of children
  • Single women artwork
  • Sentimental objects from past loves
  • Clutter and dirty clothes
  • A kitty litter box
  • Old and/or broken furniture
  • Religious Icons
  • Anger and un-forgiveness

Here's a simple, sensual, sexy bedroom that exudes peace, harmony and balance. Our client, Tini Nakashima has created SCARED SPACE - a place for her body, mind and spirit to rest and rejuvenate. It's also a bedroom that would WOW any suitor, which she intends to do!

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