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by Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

Q. “We’re enclosing an area at the rear of our home and adding a master bathroom and walk in closet, is there anything I need to know?”

A. YES. It’s important to make sure that the new addition (in diameter) creates an “extension,” and not a “missing corner!” An extension is a PLUS (an addition of good energy), where as a missing corner robs energy from your Ba-gua blueprint and can wreak havoc with your life.

Q. “Our home faces North…what colors can we paint the house?”

A. In classical Feng Shui the “sitting” direction (typically, but not always, the back of the house) determines the house’s element. If you house faces North, it is a South sitting property…or Li house/Fire house. Best colors for a Li House are any colors of a tree from the bark to the leaf in any season, as WOOD fuels FIRE in the productive cycle of elements. Also, any light Fire color works as well such as dusty rose or salmon.

Q. “When setting intentions, should we be concerned with where to place them within our home?”

A. Intention is the 4th realm of energy and plays a powerful role in the process of creating good Feng Shui. For best results, your intentions should be hand written, signed and dated and placed in the appropriate “gua” area of the Ba-gua blueprint for your home. There are colors associated with the Western Ba-gua, thus to enhance this placement you can also enclose each intention in a corresponding colored envelope to help lift the chi..ENERGY.. in your living environment. However, keep in mind, that it is in the act of RELEASING the intention that empowers you and the intended outcome, not just the intention alone.

Q. “On the purchase of my new home I went with lot 563 but the address is #4. How can I remedy this? I heard that drawing a circle around it works.”

A. Interesting…never heard this one before! I guess if you believe a circle works, it will work…as the mind is very powerful. To clarify, Asians DO NOT like the number 4 as it “sounds like” the word DEATH in Chinese. The number four (4) actually has nothing to do with good or bad Feng Shui; it’s strictly a cultural belief. However, the Asian influence in our society has been huge the last several decades, thus Feng Shui savvy builders no longer offer Model #4, lots #4 or #4 addresses. If you are not Asian, I would not worry about it affecting your life. It will however, eventually, affect your property’s marketability and sometimes even it’s resale value!

Q. “We live in a house of good fortune and are re-roofing our home and stripping and replacing the plywood sheeting as well that sits between the house and the actual roof. Will this change the cycle of the house and affect us negatively?”

A. The answer is NO. Obviously you live in a Wang Shang Wang Shui home…lucky you! Your question relates to a school of Classical Feng Shui called Lo-Shu Flying Stars. To change the construction cycle on your house would require you to also remove the plaster or drywall ceiling and expose the slab to universal light for approx 7-21 days. However, when necessary to improve a property (the reverse situation of yours), cycles can sometimes be changed using other sophisticated methods today.

Q. “Wow, I just discovered as of February 2004 my home is in a 20 year lock on “money.” I can vouch for this as my business has been at a standstill while others in my office are doing great. As you know, I’ve always been a top producer. How the heck do I get out of this without moving. I’m mad at myself for not calling you sooner.”

A. WATER everywhere is the cure! An aquarium can solve a lot of the problems associated with a lock on “people” or “money” depending on the size of the structure, sometimes more water than this is necessary. Based on this school of Feng Shui all of us can and will experience a ONE year lock, from time to time, on either people or money during a decade, but only certain properties (based on the compass/Lo-Shu) will ever experience a 20 year lock.

Q. “How do you find out what Element you are most compatible with?”

A. We are compatible with all 5 Elements (8 Elements in Classical Feng Shui). However, we typically resonate with less effort, conflict, struggle and/or frustration with people/elements that are in our same Group. East group people are the elements WOOD, WATER and FIRE, and West group people are the elements METAL and EARTH. Thus if you want to be on the same page (more often than not) with a partner or beloved, then it’s easier to achieve this when both people belong to the same Group!

Q. “I have a dresser that faces the entrance to my bedroom door. I’m confused, some books say it’s a good thing and pulls in the energy and others say the opposite, which is it?”

A. Mirrors reflect light (energy), thus dispel or push out good energy, they do not pull energy in. In my opinion, mirrors are the most over used and potentially dangerous placement one can make in Feng Shui. However, Black Hat Feng Shui Consultants would disagree with me on this point. Nonetheless, if you leave your door 50% (or more) ajar during the day and closed it at night while you sleep, you will not loose Chi…life force energy.

Q. “I’m a drummer, and a collector of drums, hence the question. I’ve collected several small drums of African and Native American tribes, do they conflict with Feng Shui?”

A. If your collection pleases you… brings you joy... then it’s a good thing. Too, drums while in use make sound and sound stirs Chi – energy. Sound is the #2 realm of energy. Melodic sound is a great Chi enhancer in an environment. However, dissonant or loud sound (like acid rock) creates SHA Chi... chaotic and destructive energy and can affect our lives adversely.

Q. “What direction should a house face to bring me good fortune?”

A. There is no ONE sentence or easy answer to this question. It depends on many factors. Most people believe that South facing houses have the best Feng Shui, but this is only one school of Feng Shui and an old one at that. From a classical perspective, it depends on your birth date, the construction date of the house, your personal element, the “unseen” energy within the house based on a compass reading,” the sitting and facing positions of the house, the floor plan, the shape of the lot, the house's orientation on the lot and other environmental factors such as streets and waterways. So to answer your question properly, it would require a Full Feng Shui Audit to determine the above.

Q. “Are there a few good Feng Shui floor plans that I can duplicate over and over again? I’m a builder and want to make sure my homes sell fast.”

A. In my opinion there is no perfect Feng Shui floor plan for everyone. However, you can certainly improve the Feng Shui and MARKETABILITY of property by consciously avoiding “missing corners”, placing stair cases, bathrooms and kitchens in the center of the house, a staircase in direct alignment with the front door, doors facing doors, along with proper orientation of the structure on the lot itself to gather and accumulate Chi…life force energy. Other factors that come into play have been addressed and answered in the above question.

Q. “I love color and know that it is used in Feng Shui a lot. Can i paint an entire room one color or does it have to be just one wall?”

A. Good question. In general color lifts Chi. However, too much of one color in a room..for instance the color brown (Earth Element)…throws out of balance the other 4 elements and can affect your health and affairs, negatively. Painting one wall in a room is less destructive but sometimes (not always) it too can affect you and/or other occupants if the color is not compatible with the “unseen” elements and/or does not resonate with that particular area of the Ba-gua blueprint for your home. To play safe, I always suggest neutral tone walls with colorful décor accents i.e. artwork, pillows, fabrics, carpets, and other accessory items to balance the five elements and to lift Chi.

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