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by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

Feng Shui Placement vs. Chinese Tradition

by Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

A couple of weeks ago I consulted with a couple by phone. I had Feng Shui'd their home the prior year, and at that time, the husband had been unemployed for 6 mos. They completed 50% of the remedies and enhancements that they could afford, and within two weeks of making the proper placements, the husband got a great job. Within six months he got two fabulous promotions and the wife's career shot thru the roof.

Recently, after a reading a couple of (chinese) Feng Shui books, they decided to go to China town and buy some bagua mirrors, frogs, Fu Dogs and Chinese coins, for the New Year. (They, by the way, are not Chinese). Long story short, they placed 2 Fu Dogs (fighting/killer dogs) at their outside entrance and placed the coins in their wealth gua (worthless coins with holes in the center), and the mirror above their front doorway.. reflecting their neighbor's house.

Within a week of these placements, the husband's work hours were reduced by 50%, and they starting fighting and arguing, like cats and dogs. Soon their money (cash flow) started to dry up, and their neighbors were (noticeably) unfriendly.

They called me to see what was going wrong with their Feng Shui. I immediately asked them to tell me what they had recently added or removed from their property... and to their shock and amazement, all of the above came out in conversation.

Unfortunately, many people along with Feng Shui authors and consultants confuse the Chinese "culture and tradition" with Feng Shui. The two are totally unrelated. Feng Shui is an Earth art and science. The Feng Shui of our land, homes, and/or listings will always reveal to us the quality of our lives, at any given point in time. The above story is a great metaphor for what happens when we give our power away to "things" outside ourselves, like chinese "good luck charms and symbols."

The power of placement is just that...POWERFUL. Feng Shui is (among other things) the language of symbols, colors and metaphors. This true story is a good reminder for all of us, that ONE culture's treasures can cause another culture disharmony – the very antithesis of good Feng Shui!

The "proper" placement of decorative objects and colors inside and outside your home, office or listing will bring optimum results. For example, using a Chinese Bagua (blueprint) for placement of these CHI (Energy) enhancers, will produce triple the buyer activity on a listing, verses a property that has not been Feng Shui'd. Good Feng Shui will also create a billboard advertisement to attract blessings and abundance for the occupants of a home or business, and bring in multiple buyers, sellers and referrals on a listing.

Feng Shui is not magic, but the positive results gained by applying Feng Shui Principles to an environment often appear quite magical. REALTORS® who "Feng Shui for success" report that they are enjoying friendlier buyers, sellers and contracts/escrows. INDIVIDUALS and HOMEOWNERS (nationwide) who embrace Feng Shui, share that they are enjoying more peace, prosperity and good fortune, than they ever dreamed imaginable. Even business can prosper in a recession, when applying the Chinese Feng Shui principles properly to sales and marketing.

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