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by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

Feng Shui and Your Life Purpose

by Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

Recently I received a "terrific" question from one of our Feng Shui Truth & Tips subscribers.

The question was: "What can I do in Feng Shui to increase my self-worth? I seem to struggle with this at varying times and degrees in my life and it is exasperating me. I am currently not working and after 20 years of successful careers. I know I jeopardized myself because I struggle with believing I am worthy of greatness in any aspect of my life. Anything you can say to guide me?"

I believe we each come into the world with a life purpose...To share with others.

We recognize it because it is a gift that deeply fulfills us. It's a talent that is uniquely our own. It also fully expresses the core "essence" of our spirit... Who we are and why we are here.

I also believe that our vision (or life purpose) is not made manifest to us, until we ask ourselves first... "How can I be of service?"

The old paradigm of pursuing a career or working "solely" to acquire riches and security, depletes our "life force"... Energy. Unfortunately more than 80% of humanity still has not learned this lesson yet, thus people stay "stuck" in heartache, anxiety, struggle and stress, while continuing to believe that money will cure their deepest fears, problems and pain.

Einstein said: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." He also implied that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. I do believe that we are each worthy of greatness when we are "authentically" in our gift, and when we are not, we sacrifice both our self-worth and self-esteem. It is at this point of imbalance, that we not only risk continuous heartache but also experience emotional, mental and physical duress as well.

In our darkest hour, it takes fearless faith and great courage to trust in god, or the omnipresence, as the "source" of our fulfillment. Paradoxically, not until we are in alignment with this truth can we experience our greatness or our gift.

In respect to Feng Shui, without peace, harmony and balance in the home and workplace, we cannot begin to "grasp" the divine that is forever present in our lives. It's also difficult to trust that the path... Our "true life purpose"... Will appear and support us, in rich and abundant ways.

Therefore it is important to Feng Shui all "gua" areas of your home, land and office, so the environment can support your higher self. I also recommend lifting the chi... Energy... In the spirituality and self-knowledge gua, a tad more than in the other guas as well.

When we live and work in a harmonically balanced environment that integrates yin/yang, the five element and positive chi, we begin to live life consciously. It is in this state of grace that we become one with time, space, people and the earth, and begin to trust that everything that "is or isn't" happening in our lives is for our highest good and evolution.

A balanced environment also supports us to let go of fear. When fear is absent, we experience infinite "divine intelligence" operating in, as and through us... Effortlessly. It is in this moment of the miraculous, that we begin to understand the ancient chinese proverb:

That a bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

A Life Purpose.

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