Feng Shui Certification Program

by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master

"If your certification course were a car, it would be a LEXUS or MERCEDES! Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge Suzee, I've read many books on Feng Shui but your teaching is over-the-top fantastic! I'm thrilled and humbled to be helping so many people fulfill their dreams, thanks to you."

Janet Sandquist, Feng Shui Consultant - United States

If you were to make a "really smart move" in your life today,

  • Get an exciting new CAREER
  • Create a dynamic way of being of SERVICE
  • Add JOY and/or a profit center to your existing BUSINESS
  • Improve your health, wealth, love, relationships and OPPORTUNITIES
  • Master the core principles of beginning and advanced Feng Shui with CONFIDENCE
  • Add a professional designation in Feng Shui to your existing career - to benefit you and your CLIENTELE
  • Learn how to buy, build, list, SELL, stage - GOOD FENG SHUI properties "better and faster" with CERTIFICATION


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To the possibility of CREATIVITY and HAPPINESS, you make it easier for the universe to support your


Feng Shui Benefits's mission is to make your YES not only a fun and positive experience but also a


With Suzee Miller's Feng Shui Certification program, there are:

  • NO Expensive Seminars to Attend
  • NO Hotels or Air Flights to Pay For
  • NO "Hidden" Costs or Additional Fees

This educational program is designed for busy people, like yourself, who don't have the time (and/or dollars) for online courses, schools, books, classes, weekend retreats, flights, hotels and/or the luxury to sit for endless hours in front of a monitor screen.

"I can attest that Feng Shui works and works fast! I Feng Shui and stage all my listings, ask top dollar for them and get it. I'm currently enrolled in Suzee's CERTIFICATION program and love it! Quite frankly, Feng Shui has already branded me ahead of the competition. Thanks, Suzee, for teaching me how to use Feng Shui the right way."

Kathy Luebcke Broker / Owner, Selling - NAPA


Simply download the course material onto your iPod, iPad, Smart phone, Kindle, MP3 player or computer and listen while you travel, work and play. Our Certification program is designed for BUSY people like you who wish to:

Learn at Your OWN PACE – in Your OWN SPACE

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place – 24/7

After listening to the course material, you will be able to log-in to our CERT MEMBERS' ONLY website. Among other benefits, you will have access to over 300 print Questions (and Answers) to test your newly acquired EAST/WEST Feng Shui Skill and Knowledge!

The Good News Is:

You can do this Feng Shui study in 30 days or 3 years or more. As in all things in life, you get to decide when you want to change your life.

For more information:

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SUCCESS Needs to Inspire Those You Love and Serve

Register Now! 1 payment of $ 900.00
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Still desire more information on this Self-Study Course?

This school of Feng Shui honors many masters and many teachers, in an easy to learn, step-by-step, DO IT YOURSELF - SELF STUDY Audio and print/graphic program that promotes peace, balance, harmonious relations, vitality, health, love, prosperity and GOOD FORTUNE.


  • "I am enjoying your Feng Shui Certification Course more than you can imagine! Being Certified has already changed my life and career in amazing ways!"
  • – Connie Thomas, Professional Stager, Louisiana
  • "Our home was on the market almost 6 months with no offers. So we hired a Feng Shui Certified Realtor® of Suzee Miller's who came in and did a few things inside and out. Within 72 hours our house sold. Within one week of Feng Shui, my wife got promoted to V.P., we won $1,000, and a 2nd T.D. of $10,000 that was owed us for years was paid off in full!!!"
  • – Jerry Philips, Property Mgr, Western U.S. XEROX Corporation
  • "I just double-ended a property in 3 DAYS using Suzee Miller's Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques. The course and benefits are worth every penny, ten times over!"
  • – Sandra Jean LaBarbera, Feng Shui Certified REALTOR®, RE/MAX - NC
  • "I am presently enrolled in Suzee Miller's Feng Shui Certification program and wish I had taken the course sooner! It is very organized and has opened my eyes to integrative Feng Shui. I love knowing that I have the ability to transform energy. Thank you Suzee for sharing your AMAZING knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Feng Shui!"
  • Shaylyn Padgett, Homeowner, Dawsonville, GA

Whether you just want to learn "more" or become a Feng Shui Consultant, NOW YOU CAN

Step into the world of Timeless INSPIRATION and Unbound CREATIVITY using the art and science of Feng Shui to transform homes, offices, commercial buildings, land, lots, real estate listings and lives with Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller's Feng Shui CERTIFICATION.


For a fraction of the "cost, time and energy" of most Certification Courses, now you can learn Beginning and Advance Feng Shui while you work and play.

Register Now! 1 payment of $ 900.00
Order Now! 3 payments of $ 300.00

About Feng Shui

Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition. Feng Shui is the Study of ENERGY, and how Energy IMPACTS our lives, homes, offices, listings and careers.

Suzee Miller