Feng Shui Certification Program

How do I get Feng Shui CERTIFIED?

It's FUN and EASY TO DO!

Listen once or listen twice - to all course material, and review the graphic charts and diagrams included in our program.

30 days after registration, you will be given access to our CERT Members' only web site where you can test your Feng Shui skill and knowledge.

On this exclusive website, you will be able to access over 300 course QUESTIONS. Suzee also provides you with the answers to these questions as well..!

With a passing score of 80% or better (done on the honor system), you are now eligible to submit TWO (2) of your favorite " Feng Shui Success Stories" to get Feng Shui CERTIFIED!!!

DON'T WORRY, this step is easy. You will be guided how to submit your stories, step-by-step, in the course material and on the exclusive CERT members website.

Once your success stories are approved, you will receive a beautiful certificate of completion.

Feng Shui Certification is a professional designation that you can be proud to display in your office and on your website. Among the countless benefits of CERTIFICATION, our Feng Shui study allows you to be of GREATER SERVICE to those you love and serve.

Once you are Feng Shui CERTIFIED, you are welcome to BRAND yourself in the following ways, provided you are in one of the respective professions listed below:

  • Feng Shui Certified REALTOR®
  • Feng Shui Certified TITLE REP
  • Feng Shui Certified HOME WARRANTY
  • Feng Shui Certified LENDER
  • Feng Shui Certified FINANCIAL PLANNER
  • Feng Shui Certified STAGER
  • Feng Shui Certified DECORATOR
  • Feng Shui Certified DESIGNER
  • Feng Shui Certified ARTIST
  • Feng Shui Certified ARCHITECT
  • Feng Shui Certified BUILDER
  • Feng Shui Certified ENTREPRENEUR
  • Feng Shui Certified CONSULTANT
  • Feng Shui Certified SPACE PLANNER
  • Feng Shui Certified HEALER
  • Feng Shui Certified THERAPIST
  • Feng Shui Certified EDUCATOR
  • Feng Shui Certified ________________ (add your niche market or expertise NAME here..!).

Upon completion of your certification, you will also be given access to fellow CERT members SUCCESS stories. This is a great opportunity for you to learn CREATIVE and AMAZING ways to apply Feng Shui to homes, land, commercial properties, businesses and lives. Our graduates have been our greatest teachers.


Check out Certified Real Estate Professionals. Your name, state and country will go here - so that people seeking a Feng Shui CERTIFIED professional in your area, will be able to find you!

Regardless of your niche market in Feng Shui, once you complete our course - you are the best candidate possible to help people with the purchase or sale of property, and Feng Shui.

NOTE: You are welcome to take Feng Shui CERTIFICATION simply to improve your Feng Shui Skill and Knowledge. The course study does not require you to get certified; it's your prerogative to do so or not.

Also, there is no time clock on certification. You can complete the course at your own pace whether you do it in 30 days or 3 years or more..!

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