Feng Shui - Real Estate’s Secret Weapon

Interview with Suzee Miller

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Interview Summary

Suzee Miller, author-trainer and expert in Feng Shui, shares her secrets on using this discipline both for marketing properties and for empowering your business and personal life. Miller's professional experience shows that applying feng shui principles to real estate activities has a multiplier effect on business earnings. She begins with a basic description of feng shui and moves on to explain how it can have a favorable impact on personal well being and business effectiveness. She lists a whole series of tips. Something as simple as shifting the location of your desk or changing your office decor can enhance positive energy in your environment. Her tips are also intended to reduce stress in your office and your home. Miller's feng shui energy blueprint is a guide for staging a property inside and outside to attract buyer activity and promote contracts. On a smaller scale, the blueprint can be enlisted to maximize the visual effectiveness of a web site. Miller suggests additional resources to learn about feng shui and to obtain individualized reports on your own power directions.

Feng Shui Basics

  1. Feng shui is the study of how energy flows into and around an environment—such as a home, office or listing; the aim is to create a dynamic, effortless flow of energy.
  2. The placement of things impacts energy flow; the location of desk and computer monitor, for example, can either enhance or deplete one's personal energy.
  3. Appropriate arrangement of furniture should guide buyers to the property's key features; less is more—feng shui is a minimalist art form.

Application to an Office

  1. According to the Chinese, human beings, like a compass, resonate to different compatible directions depending on date of birth.
  2. Someone born on Dec. 14, 1967, has hard metal as the element; hard metal people are very mental, visionary, conceptual and creative; best power directions are eyes facing northwest, west, southwest or northeast.
  3. Honoring the power directions can reduce stress and workload by at least 30%; Miller has helped agents increase business income by as much as 800% within two years.
  4. She tries to place a person's desk in two of their four best directions; the resulting resonance with surrounding energy empowers a person to work better.
  5. To find your element, input your birth date at www.chiquiz.com; a free report describes you when you are in balance and out of balance; more information such as your good and bad directions can be ordered.

Feng Shui Impact on Doing Business

  1. Applying feng shui principles to real estate activities can have a multiplier effect on business earnings.
  2. A recent testimonial from an agent in Las Vegas, describes how, after consulting with Miller on the Five Element Business System, the agent's business soared beyond what she had ever done before.
  3. Improving the feng shui of the agent's own home and home office also had a positive effect on the lives of her husband and children.

Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

  1. Clear office clutter—anything unfinished, unused, unresolved or disorganized; even clear clutter from your email box; make it a weekly priority.
  2. Make sure your desk allows you to be comfortable—use a chair and a mouse that fit.
  3. Put your monitor screen in one of your four best directions.
  4. Create a pleasant view along the "wealth gua" (the far left hand corner as you enter); place something symbolic there like a light or plant or fountain.
  5. Position your back against a wall for more support/safety in your business; face toward the door unless that violates your power directions.
  6. Treat your files with respect by decluttering them and putting them in past-present-future order.
  7. Use pairs of things to set the intention of bringing people together in business contracts; intention can help manifest success and good fortune.
  8. Introduce the color red, the vibratory field for chi, to avoid gossip, rumors and law suits.

Applying Feng Shui to Listings

    Feng shui is a different art form from staging; feng shui is a minimalist approach that is guided by an energy blueprint called a ba-gua that is overlaid on the land and the house to attract buyer and contract activity.
  1. In feng shui, the exterior is even more important than the interior; grab the interest of buyers when they approach the property with light or color.
  2. The land is divided into nine equal squares (the ba-gua); the lower righthand square or the lefthand part of the property, designated "family relations and helpful benefactors," should have the most color; unless there are extenuating factors, place the For Sale sign in this area.
  3. The wealth gua should be lush and abundant; the fame and fortune gua in the backyard should be lit with fire; the partnership gua should make use of pairs.
  4. Work with color and intention on the land to lift the energy (chi) of the property; color shoots rays of light into the universe that shout to the buyer, "Buy me!"
  5. The same principles are applied to the interior of the house, although all the gua areas are not lifted inside.
  6. An agent's car can precondition buyers; clear the space; zone the car starting with the driver's door: the passenger's seat is the wealth gua, the far rear right is the partnership gua, and the lower right is friendly relations; make the car please all five senses.

Using Feng Shui to Improve Web Sites

  1. A ba-gua should overlay the home page; you have only eight seconds to convince a visitor to stay on the site.
  2. The upper lefthand corner is the best place for company logo or power statement; upper left is a place for pairs, such as first and last names.

Up and Down Markets

  1. The principles of feng shui work in up and down markets; step outside the box of mundane, negative news and work the five elements—fire, earth metal, water and wood.
  2. Applying these to a listing can attract buyer activity fast; properties sell faster when feng shui is used—Miller has more than 200 testimonials.

More Information

  1. Find information about Miller's books and consulting services at her web sites, FengShui4RE.com and FengShuiPlaza.com.
  2. ChiQuiz.com is a good resource to learn about your clients as well as yourself; understanding the elements of both parties allows you to communicate more effectively.
  3. Agents who use feng shui in their business and personal life have a positive advantage over others who do not.
  4. Everything in the universe vibrates with energy; by capitalizing on that energy, one can empower one's life.
  5. In working with clients, the term "feng shui" does not have to be mentioned; talk instead about "lifting the energy" in house and garden.