Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper ads usually charge per line or per the type of ad you want to list houses for sale. In most cases when homes are listed they only get four lines of text up to approximately 30 words if you are lucky. It can be difficult to entice a potential buyer when you have such little space. There may be so much information that you need to include but there just isn't enough space. You have to decide what the most important things about the home that a potential buyer would want to read to make them interested in the home. This could be difficult.

The cost of listing houses for sale in the newspaper can get a little pricey. Usually it depends on the newspaper and all prices are different. In most cases, the more readers the paper has the more the cost will be. Because the web has eliminated the need for many readers to get the hard copy of the newspaper anymore many newspapers are raising their prices so they can remain open. Most advertisements are limited to the amount of time that you can have your ad in the paper. You may be listed just for one Sunday, which is usually the biggest day for readers to read the classified ads. The more days you want the advertisements to run then the more money you will have to pay.

There is a significant reader limitation when you list houses for sale in the newspaper. This is because not only are you limited to the local community of readers that read the particular paper that you choose to put the ad in but you are also limited to certain days. This means that if a large percentage of readers do not read the paper on the day you list the home then less people will view the ad. Your audience of readers is also only the local community rather than people in other states or towns nearby.

There are many disadvantages of listings houses for sale in the local newspaper that you must consider if you are thinking about selling your home. The newspaper will limit you to the space allowed to list the details. You also have to pay for space and for the number of days you want the ad to run. You cannot run an ad until a home sells.

Kevin Simpson