Small Gardens in Feng Shui…click here

Don’t underestimate small gardens; they can become powerful MAGNETS for blessings and good fortune. If you live in an apartment or condominium and only have a balcony or deck – declare it your garden. Keep in mind, that one colorful flag or one pot of multi-colored flowers can BALANCE an entire patio deck or balcony. […]


SPACE CLEARING in Feng Shui…click here

Your SPACE – work and living environment – is 100% ENERGY. Energy is either life giving or life depleting. When we think of “space clearing” or “decluttering” in Feng Shui, we typically think of removing or letting go of material items in our environment, and fail to consider the importance of clearing the UNSEEN ENERGY […]


BLESSINGS in Feng Shui…click here

Which do you feel comes first –  Happiness or Gratefulness..? Most people believe they will feel grateful when they are happy. Yet, it’s actually “gratitude” for the small and large things in life that make us HAPPY. Feng Shui helps to set the stage – create the space – for BLESSINGS to occur naturally. In […]


Feng Shui on WHEELS..!…click here

There is no SPACE too large or too small to Feng Shui. Last year I had the good fortune and opportunity to help create, from ground up, a motor coach home. Together, my client’s and I wanted to make sure that Veryln, a quadriplegic SOFT METAL element person, was nurtured and healed by the environment, […]


PERCEPTION and Feng Shui..! here

PERCEPTION and Feng Shui..! QUESTION: I live in a 55+ HOA. The collective consciousness is toxic. It is beautiful but any interaction except with a few neighbors is toxic. I want to move but do not know where. Funds are dwindling. What should I do? ANSWER:  I can appreciate your view point.  However, until you […]


RADIATION and Feng Shui..! here

RADIATION and Feng Shui..! Your LIFE and Health Matters! If you are on your cell phone or in front of a computer monitor more than 30% of the day, you need protection from RADIATION The typical human being receives electromagnetic radiation up to 200 million times more intense than his ancestors took in from the […]