MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH and Feng Shui…click here

Michael Bernard Beckwith Featured Author DO YOU EVER QUESTION YOUR ANSWERS..? MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH is my personal spiritual mentor.  I have been attending Agape and listening to his sermons and seminars for years. A decade ago, I had the privilege of traveling with Michael and his wife Rickie Byars to a New Thought Alliance Conference in […]

The Joy of Feng Shui…click here

Joy To be HAPPY during the holiday season. SHIFT your focus to “giving” Joy rather than to “seeking” Joy. When you can give joy to others, your heart opens to receiving “more” HAPPINESS and JOY in return. Come from that which you seek.JOY IS ALWAYS FOUND IN THE ACT OF GIVING. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA                                             […]

RED has Great Feng Shui ENERGY…click here

RED is a Great CHI/ENERGY…Enhancer during the Holidays Instead of candy this year, make a healthy choice and surround your inner and outer environment with nature’s beautiful Poinsettia plant. Save hundreds of calories while you lift your spirit with GRACE, HARMONY AND BEAUTY at the same time! If you are a REALTOR®, instead of advertising this […]

DE-CLUTTER NOW with Feng Shui!…click here

DE-CLUTTER NOW! Unfortunately, sadness, depression and lethargy is more prevalent during the holiday season than is happiness or joy. One way to prevent “negative” energy (Sha Chi) from over shadowing you is to de-clutter your environment. If you find yourself feeling hollow, empty, lonely and/or lost, immediately start cleaning and clearing out “clutter” and “stuff” in your closets, […]

LESS Means MORE – INNER-G with Feng Shui…click here

LESS Means MORE – INNER-G “G” stands for Goodness, Generosity, Graciousness, Greatness, Grace, Glory and God. This year try to GIVE LESS by selecting just a few healthy and/or quality gifts that will enrich, enhance and empower your friends, family, pets and loved ones. Material “things” are dense and thus calibrate below 200 in terms of energy. […]