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OFFICE Feng Shui..! QUESTION: I work in a 2-person office. Although we each have our own small space, the other person is very negative. I keep my desk uncluttered and bright – his space is full of junk and there’s no window, so it’s not so bright. My question is how can I keep his […]

Fun house

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Feng Shui Q and A..! QUESTION: My backyard is a triangle shape, narrow in the back and very wide in the front. I was told not to put up a fence, but my neighbors on both sides are putting fences up. What should I do? ANSWER: Feng Shui is an Earth art and science. Thus, […]


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The Number FOUR in Feng Shui Numbers in an address do not determine good or bad Feng Shui. Numerology is its own separate predictive art and modality. The number four is a perfect example where Feng Shui gets mixed up with Chinese superstition. The number “4” sounds like the word death in Chinese, thus many […]


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OFFICE Colors and Feng Shui Wow, here’s a shocker. Blue light (like the daytime sky) keeps us awake..! But these days we know that’s done by suppressing our natural melatonin production. On the other hand, red light (like theater curtains of old) gives us an alert effect without suppressing the melatonin. So you can work all […]