Mind Concept. Poster in Flat Design.

Feng Shui and MINDFULNESS…click here

Feng Shui and MINDFULNESS Are you choosing MINDFULNESS..?   Mindfulness is the practice of “purposely” focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgment.   The practice of mindfulness has its roots in BUDDHISM. Once again, the Chinese culture has a lot to teach us, most of which we can learn with […]


DOORS in Feng Shui…click here

DOORS in Feng Shui   SIZE matters in more ways than one..! The size of your entrance door is important. It should be proportionate to your house and the doors within the house should be proportionate to the rooms inside the house. If a door is too small, it will not allow enough GOOD energy […]

Group Banners for Chinese New Year Cocks

Feng Shui 2017…click here

Feng Shui 2017 What kind of year are you choosing to create..? Below, two of our Truth and Tips subscribers’ share their experience with Feng Shui, and the difference it makes in their lives. “Hi Suzee, I could not wait for your 2017 changes and predictions to arrive. Thank you once again! I purchased your […]