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A Feng Shui Pathway is a Blessing to your Heart and Soul.


This simple yet inviting garden entryway has just the right amount of (the five) elements present, to welcome you ‪home after a busy day. A meandering pathway slows down your energy, so that you can breathe easier and start to relax.

Energetically, this garden’s gentle and welcoming embrace helps you to LET GO of whatever mind and body stress you may be holding on to.

 A Spring Garden is also ‪CHI-FULL Feng Shui!

“Hi Suzee, 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an inspiration you are and how down to earth you seem. I feel I can learn so much from you. I have ordered your online courses and books and they are so helpful. I recently bought flying star 2016 online download. I have used your cures and remedies. I am thankful that my house is peaceful and harmonious and thriving and I am thankful to you for your support. I also used your color your listing sold and sold my house in 1 day!!! 

Thanks for being such a great mentor! 

God bless!

Best regards,”
Komal Puri

April 2016



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