LESS Means MORE – INNER-G with Feng Shui…click here

LESS Means MORE – INNER-G “G” stands for Goodness, Generosity, Graciousness, Greatness, Grace, Glory and God. This year try to GIVE LESS by selecting just a few healthy and/or quality gifts that will enrich, enhance and empower your friends, family, pets and loved ones. Material “things” are dense and thus calibrate below 200 in terms of energy. […]

COMMUNION with Feng Shui…click here

COMMUNIONcom·mun·ion – noun The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level. __________________________________________________ In personal relationships, it nothing more and nothing less than a “commitment” to the practice of LOVE and therefore the realization of perfect FREEDOM.   “Love is composed of a single […]

Happiness with Feng Shui…click here

Happiness Happiness is what greases the wheels of life. It’s also what opens the floodgates, marshals the forces, commands the elements, raises the sun, aligns the stars, beats your heart, heals what hurts, turns the page, makes new friends, finds true love, calls the shots, waves the wand, connects the dots, feeds your mind, frees […]