FENG SHUI TRUTH AND TIPS As you may have figured out by now, FENG SHUI TRUTH AND TIPS is broadcasting again! If you would like your friends, family, clients and/or co-workers to receive our broadcasts, simply have them input their email address at www.ChiQuiz.com. Also, if you click onto the SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS below, you will […]

The BEAUTY of Feng Shui…click here

BEAUTY We think we know beauty through sight, but these four visually impaired people envision beauty in a different form. Robert, Sheila, Sean, and Virginia describe how they visualize beauty through aspects such as a person’s character, or through experience.   BEAUTY IS LIVING LIFE AND FINDING JOY in EVERYTHING!  { view more now } FOLLOW […]

Feng Shui LESSONS…click here

LESSONS Lessons are everyday occurrences. I no longer wonder about it but just accept that as long as I am here breathing, there will always be another lesson. There is also less drama to everything as I finally see my part in everything quickly and release anything that presents itself as a contrast. I am […]

Feng Shui Decisions…click here

Decisions Every decision you make is NOT a decision about what to do, it is a decision about who you are. — Neal Donald Walsch When your ENVIRONMENT – be it your home, workplace or garden – is in ALIGNMENT with the five elements, yin/yang and correct placement – ENERGY flows “dynamically and effortlessly” to […]