Pathways in Feng Shui…click here

Straight Pathway To remedy a straight pathway, stagger pots of plants (red flowers) to the door, or remove approximately 12-18 inches of grass and create the illusion of a river filled with FIRE colored plants, flowers, bark or stones, to ignite your ‪#‎career‬ and ‪#‎wealth‬ ___________________________________________________________________________ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA                […]

Clutter is Not Good Feng Shui…click here

Location Of Clutter Entrance door…fear of relationships In Kitchen…resenting/overwhelmed by caretaking Next to Bed… desire for change or escape On Desk… frustration, fear of letting go or need to control In a corner or behind a door…detachment from others Under a piece of furniture…importance of appearances In a cellar…procrastination In an attic…living in the past […]

Feng Shui Energy…click here

Energy When you start exuding ENTHUSIASM in the present, you will find unprecedented amounts of ‪‎success, ‪peace and ‪‎happiness manifesting in your life. The energy of enthusiasm is an exception to the rule in Feng Shui. With enthusiasm, MORE IS MORE. __________________________________________________________________ SEE MORE – HAVE MORE – BE MORE  with Feng Shui!  – FUN Feng Shui  – PROPERTY and Real Estate […]

Colors Associated with Feng Shui…click here

Color Color is one of the easiest ways to quickly create different qualities and properties of energy. A fresh coat of paint can make a room feel happier, larger, fresher and much more enjoyable to be in. In Feng Shui – color is associated with the 5 elements – FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER and WOOD. ______________________________________________________________________________________ SEE MORE – HAVE […]