Intention using Feng Shui…click here

Intention Intention is the 4th realm of ‪‎energy. It plays a powerful role in the process of creating good Feng Shui. For best results, your intentions should be hand written, signed and dated and placed in the appropriate “gua” area of the Ba-gua blueprint of your home ______________________________________________________________________________________ SEE MORE – HAVE MORE – BE MORE  with Feng Shui!  – […]

The Number 9 and Feng Shui…click here

The Number 9 and Feng Shui Nine enhances any number it is with, thus it is the most important number of all. The number 8, to the Chinese, represents present money and ‪wealth‬. The number 9 represents future money – continued wealth and abundance. If you have space available for a fish pond outside or an aquarium inside, […]